The purpose of this website is to help you learn how to build and grow your business the right way.

With the tools and technologies available today, it’s possible to run your own business in a DIY fashion. If you do that, chances are you could use some help. Some guidance and advice – maybe even the sort you don’t enjoy hearing.

That’s what this site aims to provide. It’s full of informative material, guides, articles and I even try to link to a lot of the informative stuff out there.

My goal is to help you understand the components involved in growing your business. Most of the information I provide is intuitive. It’s about what makes your business come to life in your clients’ mind. And makes them want to do business with you.

Of course, there is work involved growing your business. To succeed you have to gain the right mindset, develop a solid brand identity and a will to go out and win business by turning prospects into paying clients.

There are simple, effective ways of doing all of this. Ones that you can master even if you hate traditional marketing and selling. It’s easy when you’re shown how.

And that’s what this site does. It gives you the tools to grow your business. Simple yet effective tools that you can apply right now.

I hope you use and enjoy it.

And if you have any comments or requests I’m happy to hear them.

Why Me?

Have you ever spoken to people about the best way to grow your business?

Speak to 5 different people; you’ll get 5 different answers.

John proposes a new website. One that converts better. He can get you a quote by tomorrow.

Elaine wants new branding. Attracting clients made easy, she says.

Jane says she gets all her clients from Twitter. She can help you if you want.

and so on… They may be good suggestions. Do you have the time?

That’s why you want me

I help you grow your business. As your trusted adviser, I help you get the results you want. and the business you want.

What I bring

A personal experience

Each business is different and you are a central part of the process. You set targets, and we discuss how they can be reached.

This means you get what you want from your business in the shorter and longer term.


You tell me and I’ll do my best to make it happen. I’ve got years of experience consulting for small and large organisations to back me up.

Let’s have a conversation. You bring knowledge about your business and I bring the experience to make growth happen.

Systems approach

We will use a systematic approach to identify the best way to grow your business. Our first-things-first approach focuses on maximising your investment.

This means you can identify growth opportunities that work. And you can experience results soon.

Frame size

The big and small pictures are both essential to successful growth. Long term success balanced with short term profits.

You determine the strategy to use by answering simple questions.

Who am I?

My name is Chris Bisazza. I’ve been helping some of the world’s leading organisations for over 20 years.

I own and operate Direction You, which is a consultancy that specialises is helping small business owners get what they want from their businesses. I founded Direction You because it’s the business I would have found useful when I was looking to set out on my own. Things are very different for an employee than they are for a business owner. As a business owner, you learn to juggle your mindset and various parts of your business in order to survive and thrive. That’s what Direction You is about.

My expertise is highly sought after by a wide range of organisations, primarily in the services industry.

I have a passion for helping business owners succeed through strong branding and a competitive market presence. Using that foundation to drive a sales engine that simply works and makes money.

Now I want to help your business. With over 20 years experience, my purpose is to craft a presence that builds brand and market authority for you. One that you can use to achieve long-term growth and success.

When I’m not working I enjoy cooking and spend time exploring and taking pictures of London.